Wednesday, October 19, 2016

His Birthday

Christopher's birthday was on Monday, and as I expected, he wanted to celebrate by not leaving the house (that hermit hubby of mine - I sure love him)!  We ordered delivery instead of cooking. 

He opened his presents and we snuggled up on the couch for the evening to watch Shameless (we LOVE this show) and other T.V..

Actually, I did do some cooking on Monday; before Christopher got home from work I cleaned out a chicken and got that seasoned up and roasting in the oven with some potatoes.  I figured it would be nice to have for lunches/suppers for the following couple days.

Yesterday we enjoyed some of the chicken on sandwiches:

We had potatoes, chicken, roasted beets, and gravy for lunch, and will likely have the same for supper this evening.  It's nice sometimes to roast something large that will stretch for multiple meals.  We're both feeling a little run down this week, and not up to cooking a whole lot.

Other recent eats included this yummy breakfast from the weekend:

And some salmon with salad:

How's your week going so far?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Staying in for a birthday sounds great to me! I likely will be doing the same for mine since it falls on a Monday this year.

We signed up for a meat CSA through a local farmer and got our first package of meat in early October. We are splitting it with a friend but this month our half included a chicken so I need to roast that sometime soon. I have never actually roasted a chicken before! It sounds pretty idiot proof, though. ;) Our package also included chorizo, so I am using that in a sweet potato rice skillet on Friday. Yum. :)

My week has felt really busy as work has been busy and my after-work to do list has been long, plus I had crochet class on Monday night. It's Julia Child night this weekend so I am busy prepping for that, too. But I'm super excited about it as it's such a fun event. We are taking another break from French cuisine. The theme this year is "U.S. Roadtrip" - we are making a bunch of small dishes from different regions of the U.S. My contribution is ahi tuna poke on a bed of spiralized cucumbers and yellow squash. Should be light and delicious!

Amber said...

That's fun your birthdays are so close together!! We are usually not huge birthday celebrators ourselves. In the past we've gone away for a weekend or had dinner or whatever. I am throwing a big surprise party for Eric this year, but that's only because it's his 30th birthday in November so kind of a big milestone :)