Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend at Home

This past weekend was perfect.  We picked up supplies late Friday afternoon, and then didn't leave our house/yard all weekend.  On Friday evening we whipped up some homemade "fast food". 

We BBQd burgers, then topped them with cheese, kimchi, and mustard.

The fries were done in the oven, using our perfect fries recipe.

On Saturday we spent the entire day and most of the evening in the backyard.  We snacked, and snacked, and snacked.  We read, made a fire, listened to music, visited and laughed.  I didn't snap photos - I just kicked back and relaxed.

After breakfast on Sunday, we put some pork in the slow cooker, threw a can of 7-up over it, and left it to cook on low for about eight hours.  When we took it out of the liquid to pull it apart, it literally fell apart.  I used a spoon to break it up, into the most tender, juicy shreds.  We mixed in BBQ sauce, and threw together some pulled-pork sandwiches, topped with pickles and a homemade bacon, bourbon coleslaw.

We ate other yummy things on the weekend, like nachos, shrimp, etc., but mostly we soaked up the last of summer and relaxed.

How was your weekend?  What did you do?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I still need to make those oven fries some time! They look so amazing! I love that you served your burgers on checkered paper like you would get in a diner. So cute!

This weekend was pretty low key for us. I've been feeling so crappy so I tried to take it as easy as possible. We did go out to dinner on Friday to a burger place we've been wanting to try (which was so good!) and then we learned how to play backgammon which is a really fun game! On Saturday I assembled and froze 2 small zucchini & quinoa lasagnas to enjoy this fall and did a bunch of cleaning and then we played cards with another couple that evening. And Sunday was a shouldless day for me so I only did things I wanted to do. It was glorious!

Amber said...

That sounds so awesome and your pulled pork looks SO good! I love pulled pork. It is one of my very favourite meals!!

It was pouring rain here most of the weekend so we also kicked back and relaxed quite a bit. It was nice!