Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Galette - Winging It

On Sunday evening when we got home from Saskatoon, we BBQd some salmon, and a potato/ beet/ bacon mixture.  On the side, we had Greek salad.  We had chopped the raw bacon up and put it into the tinfoil with the chopped potatoes and beets.  The bacon fat cooking in with the veggies made everything so flavourful.

Yesterday morning I toasted some homemade bread for breakfast.

I spent the rest of the day going for a long walk ...

Making ginger, peanut noodles with chicken for lunch ...

And finishing a book in the back yard.

I also made a galette for the first time ...

Earlier this summer when I made peach pie, I had a bit of leftover pie dough.  I didn't know what to do with it.  My mom used to always make cinnamon twists with her leftover pie dough, but I don't have her recipe (if anyone knows about these, and has the recipe, I'd love it). 

I hate to admit it, but I have thrown out leftover pie dough before *gasp!

I ended up wrapping the dough tightly in plastic wrap and freezing it.  Yesterday I thawed it out, and decided to just wing it and make a galette.  I got about a cupful of frozen Saskatoon berries, and sprinkled about 2 T of sugar over that, about 1 tsp of cornstarch (to thicken), and about 1 tsp of tapioca pearls (to soak up some of the excess liquid).  I put about 1/2 tsp of lemon juice, and about 3/4 tsp of vanilla, and tossed this all together.  Again, I was just making this up as I went along, so none of the measurements are exact. 

I rolled the dough out, piled the berries into the middle, and folded the sides up like so ... 

I brushed the top with an egg/ water mixture, and then put it into a pre-heated oven (400 F).  I didn't know how long it would take, so I just checked it every 10 minutes or so, until it looked perfectly golden and bubbly.  It probably took around 35-40 minutes.

When Christopher got home from work he dove right into this, just picking it up and eating it like a hand-pie.  He promptly told me that I am not allowed to throw leftover pie dough away again ... haha, yes dear ;-)  It was a hit, and made enough for 2-3 servings.

Have you ever had a galette?  Made one?  What do you do with leftover pie dough?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, that looks delicious! I have never had a sweet gallette but I have had a lot of savory ones in France. I don't do much experimentation with GF baking so I don't know how pie dough would turn out... I know it can be done but I don't have the patience for all the trial and error it would likely involve!!