Tuesday, July 28, 2015

We're on an Emotional Roller-Coaster

On Friday afternoon we drove to Saskatoon.  We had a quick dinner at Capanna Pizzeria before going to spend the evening with my mom.

We had a wonderful visit with her, then headed to our hotel to call it a night.  The next morning we had breakfast, picked up groceries for my mom, and headed back to spend more time with her for the morning/afternoon.

In the evening we took my aunt and uncle out for supper to Bottega Trattoria.  They have done so much for my mom over the years, and we appreciate it so much.  We don't know what we'd do without them; it is really hard not living closer to my mom, especially because of her MS.

We shared the bruschetta, and all ordered pasta dishes.

We had a really nice evening and a great visit.  It seems we only catch up at Christmas, so it was nice to see my aunt and uncle just because!

On Sunday morning we ate a quick breakfast in the hotel, and then were on the road home.

Unfortunately right when we got home, we got a phone call that my mom had been taken into the hospital.

She was incoherent and not herself.  The doctors thought initially that she had a stroke

Hours later, the CT scan ruled that out ... which is good news.

The problem is, they still don't know what is wrong.  They have done numerous tests, and although they say she has an infection, they can't find the source to treat it properly.  We were back on the road to Saskatoon on Monday, and spent the evening with her.  We're heading back again tomorrow.

Fortunately, my mom is coherent now, and seems back to her normal self in terms of speech and behavior.  We're so grateful for that.  I'm also so grateful for my amazing husband who makes my mom a priority; for the past three-ish years that we've been together, he's made it very clear that making time to see my mom often is something that is important to him too, even if it means missing a lot of different social engagements etc..  She comes first.  It's so wonderful to have someone who feels so strongly about being there for our parents.  We're looking forward to seeing her again tomorrow, and then spending the long weekend with her.  Hopefully the doctors will have some answers for us soon.

Please keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers.


Unknown said...

Wow Jolene. Thinking of you guys and sending the two of you and your mom lots of love. Xoxo.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mom! I am glad they ruled out a stroke but I hope they are able to come up with an explanation so they can treat whatever caused that incoherent spell or know what to do in the future if it happens again. I'm glad you've got a supportive husband that makes your family a priority - that is so important!

Thinking of you and your family - I will definitely send some prayers your way!