Monday, July 6, 2015

Sunday and Stuff

After a night out on the town on Friday, and dinner at friends' on Saturday, we figured we'd have a nice, relaxing Sunday at home.   We started the day with a veggie omelet with curried, herb potatoes

Later in the day we did some snacking outside.  We had the leftover smoked salmon our friend sent home with us, cream cheese, and paratha (middle eastern flat-bread).

We were going to stay outside to cook dinner, but the wind picked up a bit, so we moved in doors.  We roasted a leg of lamb, with some corn and potatoes on the side.

After dinner I started on a dessert that is easy, but takes a long time to make.  After cooking a meringue-style crust in the oven for an hour, the oven then gets turned off, but the dessert remains in the oven overnight (and the door is NOT to be opened).  I finished making the dessert today, so Christopher would have something sweet to come home to (other than me of course) ;-)

Behold, cherry-berries on a cloud:

It is a beautiful, light dessert that is sort of a pavlova-cheesecake combination.  I'm guessing it will be gone in no time.  We're not going to be buying much for groceries this week, as we're going to try and eat up things around the house before our vacaaaaaaation!!

How's your week starting off?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, that dessert looks so good and so pretty!! And all of the other food you made looks so good, too! My week is off to an ok start. There are some things going on at work that are making it not so fun to go to work but hopefully this stage is behind me soon. I'm looking forward to grilling this week! I made a pesto last week with my basil so will marinate some shrimp in that and then grill them on skewers along with some corn! Yum!