Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day!!

What a wonderful Canada day!  We started the day with maple waffles.

We made a lightly-maple flavoured batter, then topped the waffles with butter, and Canadian pure maple syrup

Christopher made Canadian lattes to go with - he's so cute!


The afternoon was spent making dessert for this evening's family potluck dinner.  Because we love our country, we made some festive cookies.

And for some more red, a nice strawberry, rhubarb pie.

In the afternoon we headed over to Christopher's parent's house for a potluck dinner.   We sat in the backyard all evening.

 We enjoyed some snacks, and giggled at our adorable niece

Dinner was fantastic!  We had wings, lasagna, ravioli, garlic bread, and caesar salad.

The meal was followed by the pie and cookies that we brought.

What a nice way to spend Canada day!

How was your Canada day?
If you're not Canadian, have you ever been to Canada?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, all of that food looks awesome! And those made-at-home lattes look awesome! I love the festive sprinkles. :)

That photo of you, Chris, and your niece is adorable!!

I'm not Canadian but I thought of all of you yesterday! I have been to Canada multiple times but most of my trips have been to BC. I'm going back to Canada in September to visit Amber and I CAN NOT WAIT. I've never seen the city where she lives so I can't wait to see it with my own eyes. I think that Canada is such a beautiful country and I'd love to explore more of it - especially places like Montreal and Quebec!