Thursday, July 9, 2015

Farmers' Market Frittata

When I was at the farmers' market yesterday, I picked up some edible flowers.  I was surprised by how good they taste; they're very similar to a radish in flavour, with the nice kick of heat.

I grabbed a few other things from the market to make a lovely one-pan, farmers' market frittata.

Christopher usually makes the breakfast around here, and he's been raving about the Circulon pan that I reviewed back in December.  When the company sent me this pan to try out we liked it right away, but now that we use it all the time, we have come to love it even more.  In fact, Christopher cannot make breakfast without going on and on about how much he loves it, and I agree. 

I've never used it to make a frittata before, and I realize now, that was a mistake.  It is way better than the pan I usually use to make my frittata.

Farmers' Market Frittata

1 T butter
1 cup farmers' market fresh veggies, diced
5 eggs
1/4 cup milk (or cream or whatever you have)
1-2 T fresh herbs
1/4-1/2 cheese, shredded or broken up (I used some goat cheese from the farmers market)
salt and pepper

Pre-heat the oven to 350 F.  Heat a non-stick, oven-safe skillet on the stove on medium (I used a 10" Circulon Prime Skillet).  Add 1 T butter.  Once heated, add the veggies, and saute a few minutes until softened.  Meanwhile beat the eggs in a bowl with a fork, add the milk, herbs, cheese, salt and pepper.  Pour this mixture into the pan on the stove, and let the eggs set slightly on the stove for about 3 minutes.  Transfer to the oven and cook about 8-10 minutes, until firmed up.  Broil the top if it's still a bit jiggly. 

I garnished the frittata with the beautiful, edible flowers.

I hate cutting into food in my good pans, so I loved how this just slid right out of the skillet, and I could cut it on a cutting board. 

No sticking!  No fuss!

And this my friends is a delicious, farmers' market fresh, one-pan lunch, ready in no time.

Do you have a favourite pan?  
Have you visited your local farmers' market yet this summer?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, that looks so good! I need to make that for us one of these weekends. We LOVE frittatas!

I have some non-stick pans that I love but they do not have metal handles so I can't put them in the oven. :/ I should invest in a pan like this as I just hate scrubbing my pans with metal handles as everything sticks to the bottom of them!!

Unknown said...

I love my cast iron!

suki said...

Love the edible flowers - what a lovely touch! :) I haven't made a frittata in a while, but I do love a good one.