Thursday, July 9, 2015

This Week

I've had a really nice, laid-back week so far.  I've gone for a couple walks around the lake, once with my sister and nephew, and once by myself.

I went for breakfast and a trip to the farmers' market with my sister-in-law.

I did some cleaning and other stuff around the house, and baked four loaves of bread to freeze.

And yesterday Christopher and I ran a bunch of errands to get ready for our trip.  He's going to be the best man in our friends' wedding on Saturday.  We're really looking forward to celebrating with the happy couple, Shane and Kaylee.

We had a little snack in the food court during our errand running.

We have a few things to do still this afternoon and tonight, and then we'll be ready to go!

And now ... a little throwback for this fine Thursday!

This is what was going on this day last year ...
And the year before ...

How is your week going so far?
Do you have a lake in your city or a nice park you can go for walks in and around?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sounds like it's been a fun and productive week for you! Nice work on making all of those loaves of bread!! And thanks for posting those flashback links because it reminded me that I want to make that pie!

My week has been pretty good but kind of weird/awkward at times as I had resigned at my company last week and my boss finally let others know on Wednesday. Today is my last day and I am soooo excited to close this chapter of my life and start my new job!

We have lots of lakes in our cities and I run, walk, or bike around them all the time!

Amber said...

Sounds lovely and relaxing! I spend a fair amount of time walking because our dog needs a walk or hike every day, but I mostly do the same route over and over again and listen to a podcast :)