Thursday, February 20, 2014

Blind Date

I've been blogging for about 4.5 years, and over that time have made many blogger friends.  One of my all-time favourite bloggers is Diana, originally from My Marble Rye (now at Diana Does Denver).  We became blogger friends right away, although never met because she lived in Texas, and I lived in Saskatchewan, Canada.  Through her blog, I saw her travel, get married, and also move a little closer to me, when she moved to Denver.  She made me laugh with every post, and I felt like we'd be BFFs, if only we lived in the same city. 

After years of online friendship, we got to meet in person on Sunday. 

Christopher and I met Diana and her husband Glen at Beatrice & Woodsley in Denver.

It was rated one of the top 10 brunch spots by Bon Appetit magazine.

We shared a couple of appetizers:

And then had some delicious entrees:

We had a lot of laughs at brunch.  I joked as we were saying goodbye, that our next visit would take place when Diana and Glen came to Saskatchewan!  Bahahaha!  Hey, you never know! 

Another wonderful Denver meal in the books!

Have you ever met an online friend in person?
(The only blind "dates" I've ever been on have been with female blogger friends - 4 times!)


suki said...

That's the beauty of the internet, bringing people together who otherwise wouldn't even know each other in some other state/country! :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have done A LOT of 'blind dates' with blogger friends over the years. And so far all of them went so well and they were exactly like they sound in their blogs. I also have been on some real blind dates with the opposite sex. The most recent one was Phil, my last boyfriend, as we got set up by a mutual friend and went into the date knowing next to nothing about each other. But that was also a wonderful experience.