Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thai Kitchen Lucky 7

In celebration of Chinese New Year, seven food bloggers from across Canada have been chosen to compete in a recipe challenge using Thai Kitchen products.  One of the food bloggers is fellow Saskatchewan blogger, Stacey Martin from This Lil Piglet.

Photo credit: Stacey Martin (This Lil Piglet)
Photo credit: Stacey Martin (This Lil Piglet)
The winner will be crowned Thai Kitchen Canada's brand ambassador.  

You can vote for Stacey's Sweet Red Chili Meatballs by clicking here.


Just for voting, you'll have the chance to win fabulous prizes ($1500 Air Canada gift card, $1000 in Jamie Oliver cookware, $1000 Apple gift card).

I interviewed Stacey to hear her take on Thai cooking & Global Recipe Mash-ups:

Congratulations on being one of the TKLucky7! How did you end up being one of the lucky ones?

Thank you! :)  I was approached by the lovely brand representatives asking me to take part in this challenge as one of seven across Canada, quite an honour to me.

Do you eat a lot of Thai food? 

I eat my fair share of Thai food but I love trying different cuisines. Thai food is a favourite because it envelops fresh ingredients; I can look at a Thai dish and be confident I'm sharing a rainbow of nutrients with my family.

Do you cook Thai food at home? 

We cook many types of cuisines at home. Living rurally it's not always possible to experience authentic cuisine so my husband and I take it into our own hands to create recipes from different cuisines. Thai is usually a go to simply because it satisfies every taste preference in the family and with 5 kids, that's not easy to do.

What is your favourite ingredient in Thai cuisine?
Hands down, the Coconut Milk. It's versatile. I've made soups, casseroles and desserts with the coconut milk; I love that it's a healthier alternative to the usual creamy ingredients, especially for those who are watching calories.
What Thai Kitchen products are your favourites?

Truthfully, they are all good depending on the recipe.  But hands down, beyond the coconut milk, my second favourite would be the Sweet Red Chili Sauce.  I love the mixture of spicy and sweet; no matter the meat, this sauce makes a perfect combination.  Next would be the Red Curry Paste; it adds a little kick to any meal, and is perfect for a meat rub or just added right into your rice.  I've made a vinaigrette salad dressing with it and it is amazing.

This is the first I’ve ever heard of a global mash-up. What are your thoughts on global mash-ups? Have you ever participated in any others?

I think it's important to experiment outside the box. I don't think recipes have to be structured; trying new things isn't just fun, you can learn a lot about yourself in the process too. I love a lot of different cuisine flavours, many which actually accent each other with just a little creativity. I haven't participated in any other mash-ups formally but I mix cuisines often in my everyday cooking. 

Thank you to Stacey Martin for the interview - and best of lucky in the #TKLucky7 challenge.
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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I like Thai Kitchen products because a lot of them are gluten free! I think my favorite is the green curry paste. You should have been in this competition! ;)

Stacey said...

Thanks so much for this feature. It was a pleasure talking with you and you have a lot of great recipes here...I've been snooping around :)

I'll share this out; thanks again!!