Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Vancouver Getaway: Thursday

On Thursday we took a direct flight to Vancouver for a little getaway.  

We were at our hotel by 8:20 a.m., which was awesome!  We were staying at the trendy Opus Hotel in Yaletown, and they held on to our bags and then texted us two hours later when the room was ready.

In the meantime, we went for breakfast.  Being pretty hungry, we went to the first place we came across which was Elbow Room.  It wasn't until we sat down that we realized where we were; it's one of those places known for their curt, sarcastic service.

When reading reviews months ago, we had come across this place, and specifically mentioned that we did not want to eat there.  We like to have kind, thoughtful interactions, and aren't really keen on rude banter (even if it is a gimmick).  Anyway, we stayed and were very polite to the server, who seemed a little taken off guard - haha!  I guess the customers usually play along.  He asked instantly where we were from, as he knew we must not be locals, and was kind and polite to us the entire time.

The servers will pour the first cup of coffee, but after that it's a serve-yourself policy.  I really enjoyed this, as it seems that at most places we are always waiting forever to have our coffees refilled.

After eating we grabbed a turmeric shot, and some green juice to share, and then wandered and explored.

Lunch was at The Ramenman:

The appetizer poke bowl was great, as was the ramen.

A turmeric latte (no espresso) from Blenz, and then more walking:

It was a beautiful day, and it seemed to last forever.  We walked so much, had a lot of laughs, sat on a few patios, and spent some time in our hotel coffee shop/lounge too.  In the evening we hit up Simply Thai for dinner, where we had excellent service and delicious food.

The cho muang dumplings were unreal good!

We shared those, some larb gai, and a curry with coconut rice:

When we got back to the hotel we saw that there was some candy left for us with the turn-down service, which we thought was a unique touch.

Have you ever been to Vancouver?  Did you dine anywhere memorable?  Would you visit a restaurant where part of the theme was for the waiters to be snarky/rude?  (I know Vegas has a restaurant like this, and it's the last place we'd ever choose to go; it's just not our thing.)


Amber said...

Ahhh I love Vancouver. I have been many many times before and ate amazing food every time. I think the best food I ever ate was when Eric and I went down for a quick overnight trip in 2014 and had ethiopian food. It was my first time having ethiopian food and it was seriously AMAZING.

Also I have never heard of these restaurants known for their sarcastic and curt service - weird! But I like the idea of serving yourself coffee. I HATE waiting for coffee refills! With Eric working night shift and having a baby that starts getting ready for bed at 6pm we tend to go out for breakfast or brunch these days instead of dinner!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love Vancouver! I have been there multiple times with Amber. It’s such a cool city! On one of our visits we went to an amazing Indian restaurant. It was so so so good. I can’t remembee the name of it but I saw it featured on a travel show once so I know it’s very well known.

I’ve never been to a restaurant where they are rude to you. There is one in Minneapolis but I would never go! That does not sound at all fun to me. I am glad your waiter was nice to you!