Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thursday Things

1)  I've spent about about six hours in my evenings this week talking to people from Microsoft (three different people over two days) to deal with really annoying Windows 10 problems.  Finally my computer seems to be working as it should.  In addition to these six hours, I also spent a few hours dealing with this outside of the time that I spent talking with someone.  It has been a frustrating week.

2)  We went out for a late Korean dinner on the weekend after spending time with my mom.

3)  Just over a week ago we met up with some pals for wing night:

It was nice to catch up with some friends that we hadn't seen in a while.

4)  Christopher's parents had us over for dinner the other night.  His dad made a rotisserie chicken on the BBQ:

We also had corn, and tomato salad.

And for dessert he served up homemade strawberry ice cream, and homemade watermelon sorbet!  My father-in-law has so many hobbies, and is always trying something new.

It was such a summery dinner, and everything was scrumptious!

5)  Now that it is so nice out we've been BBQing a lot.  We've done salmon and veggies:

Chicken with veggies, and a homemade BBQ sauce:

Carrots and pork chops:

And hamburgers with Greek pasta salad:

We also had some of the pasta salad another day with meatballs and chimichurri sauce:

6)  It's a long weekend this coming weekend, and we are looking forward to having dinner guests, and spending a lot of time outside.

7)  We don't usually re-watch TV shows, but we've been re-watching The Office, and I cannot get over how incredible the writing is for that show; funniest sitcom of all time!

Do you have any weekend plans?  
Are there any shows you've re-watched?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh. Computer problems are the worst. I had trouble with my computer this winter. I tried and tried to figure it out but ended up giving it to my techie brother to figure out. He ended up replacing the hard drive which wasn’t cheap but hopefully it will last for several more years.

All that food looks so good! The watermelon sorbet sounds so refreshing! It’s been hot here lately so that is my kind of dessert!

Enjoy your long weekend! We have a long weekend next weekend. Although weekends don’t feel all that different these days aside from having Phil around more (which is a huge help!!!).