Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1)  We might have eaten an entire back of ripple chips and all of the dip in one sitting. 

'Tis the season!

2)  We made and jarred some kimchi recently.  Yum yum!

3)  If that's not "cabbagy" enough, we also cooked up some cabbage rolls.

4)  I absolutely loved this article I don't know about 12 kids ... but I think the parents did a great job! 

5)  We took my dad out for dinner this evening, just because.  We had a nice visit, and some laughs!

6)  The weather has been beautiful the past couple of weeks, which is amazing for Regina in December.  It's also been making Christopher's long delivery days a little better than usual for this time of year.  Regardless of how long his days have been, he still got up early on Saturday and made our breakfast :-)

7)  Homemade perogies with sausage made a great meal recently, and even better leftovers for lunch.

8)  We are so ridiculously excited to skip town for Christmas and see what Vegas holds for us! 

9)  After our dinner guests on Saturday, and our brunch guests on Sunday, we had more guests!  Yay!  We love our family!  My dad, and our favourite little guy came over for coffee and dessert, since they were out and about together that day.  Our nephew is one sweet kid!  I love that he's still snugly with me, and I sure hope he never grows out of it.  Christopher's looking forward to teaching him some drumming in 2015, now that the little guy is just the right height.

10)  There is a new Pho place in town called Pho Milu.  We shared the spicy beef soup the other day.  It was decent, but not the best Pho we've ever had.

What are your Tuesday things?
How is your week starting out?


Kacy said...

Chips and dip... I can never stop either :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Hmm, chips and dip. It's hard to stop once you start eating things like that!

Your nephew is getting so big! Seems like not that long ago that he was a toddler and now he is a little man!

My Tuesday was spent at a board meeting for run club but the meeting went pretty quickly and we got through the agenda efficiently (which doesn't seem to always happen). My week is kind of crawling, though!