Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Boxing Day: Vegas Style

On boxing day (for those of my American friends who don't know, boxing day is what we call the day after Christmas, and it's a holiday) we went for an early breakfast to Wicked Spoon.

We then did a lot of wandering around different hotels.  Our favourite hotel is still the Palazzo (and connected Venetian).

The oxygen bar is great, and helped us to feel refreshed.

As did our coffees and treat from Bouchon Bakery.

Later in the day we enjoyed fries and fried pickles to hold us over until dinner.

We got dressed up real nice and went to Nobu for dinner.  This restaurant is one of the most, if not the most, critically acclaimed Japanese restaurant in the United States.  I had been to the one in New York a few years ago, but never to this one.

I'll warn you now though - it's not cheap.

We started with soup & a cucumber salad:

Next we had the crispy rice with tuna:

It is my favourite!

Then we ordered two dinners, but they brought them out on one plate.  This restaurant highly encourages sharing, and puts everything in the middle of the table.  They want you to try as many of the dishes as possible.

We ordered the sashimi dinner, and the sushi dinner:

Something the people beside us did, and what we'll do next time, is tell the server a price point you're wanting to spend on food, and the types of things you like, and they'll create a surprise tasting menu specifically for your party for the evening.

We had another full day, and another morning in Vegas, that were both good, but lacking in pictures.  We went to Battista's Hole in the Wall, for some pasta.  It was really good, but the lighting was not good for photography.  The all-you-can-drink wine was free though!

We're sad to be home, but happy that our next vacation is just around the corner.

What did you do on Boxing Day?
If you aren't from Canada, have you heard of Boxing Day?  Do you call it that where you live?


Unknown said...

Nobu!!!!!!!!! that's like my dream place to eat!!! And it looks amazing!!!!!!! I've been excited to see your foodie adventures in Vegas!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have heard of Boxing Day since I have Canadian friends. We don't have any sort of name for the day and it's not a holiday here. I spent that day sick with the stomach flu so it was honestly a really really awful day!

I have heard great things about Nobu! And now after seeing pics of what you had, I'm craving sushi!