Monday, December 8, 2014

Dining in Indian Head

Yesterday afternoon we grabbed coffees and headed out on the highway to Indian Head, where Christopher's sister Vicki and her husband Will live (they're converting an old church into a house).

We visited and spent a couple hours making perogies.

They surprised us with some little gifts - how thoughtful!

Dinner was shabu shabu.  You start with a pot of seasoned broth, and cook meat, seafood, and veggies in it, eating a bit at a time (similar to fondue).

Then, after all the food has been cooked, and the broth is even more flavourful, you add noodles.  The noodles thicken the broth, and they taste amazing!  You can eat them alone, or have it like a soup.

We both had to make a conscious effort to stop eating the flavourful noodles, as we could have seriously gone on forever. 

We had such a wonderful afternoon and evening with these two - we love them to pieces!  It was a fantastic way to end off a great weekend.

How was your weekend?
What did you do?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have never heard of shabu shabu, but what a fun idea for a meal for a group! I bet that broth tastes so amazing!

Last weekend was an awesome weekend because we were in Jamaica!!