Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Our Christmas Day: Vegas Style

Christmas day in Vegas, although fantastic, didn't feel like Christmas at all.  We were up surprisingly early for our first morning in Vegas, at about 7:00 a.m..  We showered and went down to breakfast.  Because we were up so early, it felt like we had the hotel to ourselves.

We went to Wicked Spoon buffet for breakfast.  This buffet, which comes to about $90 for two, was included with our room stay each day; pretty good deal! 

The selection was amazing.  In addition to everything you could ever want for breakfast food, there was also carving stations with roast beef and ham, etc., a wide selection of Asian food, Italian food, fried chicken, mac and cheese, amazing mashed and au gratin potatoes, desserts, etc. etc.. 

Coffee and juice were also included, and were brought to the table by one of the excellent servers.

I thought the mini deep fryer basket with the fried chicken in it was super cute (Christopher may or may not have had about 4 pieces of fried chicken per day.  Okay, he did.  At least that much).  A lot of the foods were put in little portion containers or dishes, which was cute.  The risotto was served in it's own miniature pot.

After breakfast we went up to the room to open our stockings that Christopher's parents sent with us, and the gift that we each brought for each other.

Vegas was not too busy on Christmas eve or Christmas day, however we did notice A LOT of kids - too many kids.  We don't think that Vegas is a child-friendly destination, and we found it a little horrifying that so many parents were carrying their kids and babies around in smoky casinos that are clearly catering to adults.  Why anyone would take their child to Vegas (and for Christmas especially), I don't understand.  Christopher enjoyed wearing this shirt throughout the day:

For lunch we stopped at Emeril's Table 10 for some lobster rolls.

This was my first time having lobster rolls, but I don't really think they are my thing.  Lobster is best in an unadulterated form, in my opinion.  The addition of creamy sauce, etc., does not add to the lobster, but lessens it.

We got dressed up and went for a later dinner to Ramsay's restaurant Steak.  We visited this restaurant last year, and both ordered steak, so this time we decided to try something different.

The waiter brought out breads:

And we had a couple appetizers, including soup and beef tartare:

The presentation of the beef tartare was very interesting.  There was a glass lid over it, with cold smoke swirling in it.  When the server lifted the lid, an incredible smoke aroma escaped and danced around - beautiful!  It was served with house made potato chips.

For the main, I had king crab legs, and Christopher had a chicken dish.  We got mushrooms as a side, but we weren't big fans of them.  The crab and chicken were delicious.

How did you spend Christmas day?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is odd that so many parents had their kids in Vegas! I would never want to be in Vegas with kids!

The food looks amazing. We had crab legs on Christmas Eve but I only had one because I HATE cracking them open and find it very painful and frustrating - but if they arrived on a cracked open shell then I would have eaten a lot more!

We had a pretty low key Christmas Day. We had a Thanksgiving type of meal with turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing and lots of sides.

Unknown said...

Your adventures are SO fun!!

That shirt is hilarious - my hubby would wear it too!
When I went to Vegas, I couldn't understand all the kids in the casinos either but I think it would be a cool place if kids were into the shows and stuff!!

PS - that breakfast place looked insane!!

Amber said...

Looks like fun!! Eric and I really want to go away for Christmas one year and we always talk about going back to Paris and doing it over Christmas. Hopefully one day!

I have never been to Vegas but I definitely don't think it's somewhere I would bring kids to..