Monday, July 28, 2014

Not Your Average Home

I'm taking a break from the average food post to share a family member's blog with you.

Christopher's sister and brother-in-law Victoria and William, bought a church out in Indian Head, Saskatchewan to renovate into their home

On Saturday we drove out to have a look at the progress they have made, and were very impressed!  They began renovations in the basement first, so that they could move in there, and then spend a longer amount of time renovating the HUGE main floor pictured below: 

The picture does not do justice to the size of this space.  It is massive!  It's going to be pretty exciting once they get started on the epic kitchen that will be on this main floor.

The basement is very close to being move-in-ready, and will make a great guest space or rental suite once the upstairs is done.

It's got a sweet laundry room, a kitchen, large bedroom with walk in closet, a big living space, and a really cool bathroom:

What a fun, challenging, and rewarding project!  Keep up with the exciting church renovation adventure on Victoria's blog.

Have you ever done home renovations?  
A small undertaking or a large one like this?


Amber said...

Wow that is SO INTERESTING! I am definitely going to check out her blog as I would love to see photos of the final product when it's done!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, that space is amazing!! What a unique space to buy! I have never done any major home renovations - all I"ve done is put new floors in a condo I own which was an easy weekend project (well, easy in that my cousin did it and I paid him).

Unknown said...

Thanks again for coming out and making us take a break! I can't wait to finally have a kitchen (and the much coveted toilet) to have you over for a proper drink and food!