Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday Things

1)  Did you know that egg whites take longer to cook than the yolks?  It's true!  When we have scrambled eggs, I always separate the eggs first, and then cook the whites for a bit before adding the yolks.

Check this page for my perfect scrambled egg method.

2)  I have a fool-proof method for separating eggs that my parents taught me as a kid.  I plan on doing a vlog (video blog) post about this in the future.  I never knew that people had trouble separating eggs until I witnessed some very bizarre methods on a cooking show one time.

3)  Homemade fresh rolls before the Screaming Daisies show last night.

4)   The snow is melting!!!!!

We are excited that we can see this:

After the extremely cold winter we just had, BBQing and sitting on the deck sounds utterly glorious. 

5)  Sometimes we eat Costco pizza.  Tonight was one of those times.

What are your Thursday things? 


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am interested to hear about your egg separation technique. My mom taught me to pass the yolk back and forth between the two halves of the shell which works well for me. I did not realize that the whites took longer to cook so I will have to try separating them next time I make scrambled eggs!

My Thursday things was that it was a beautiful day here so I went for a run in shorts and a tank top. I am loving all the sunshine we've had lately!

Anonymous said...

Costco pizza? say it aint so! :)