Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fabulous Weekend

What a great weekend!!  On Friday evening we cooked up a calzone perogy to share before heading out to see Kenny vs Spenny

After the show we went to Original Joe's for a little snack:

After a lovely breakfast on Saturday morning, we lounged around for the afternoon, and then booked a Vegas vacation!!  Why not!?

In the evening we met up with friends Kim & Chris for a really nice dinner at Crave.  We got the beef tartare to start:

Then I had the chicken dish (which was incredible), and Christopher had risotto with seared tuna:

After a wonderful dinner and visit, with a lot of laughs, we headed to Bushwakker to celebrate a birthday with some other pals. 

We did some running around today (a BIG Costco trip was in order), and now we're chilling out, listening to vinyls in the basement

Life is good.

How was your weekend?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! And how exciting that you guys booked a trip to Vegas - that will be a fun getaway for you two. Can't wait to see what you eat there. :)

My weekend was pretty low key which was what i Needed as this week is going to be very busy for me with a lot of travel (6 flights in 8 days, covering 5,500 miles!). I had a great run on Saturday morning, got a massage, and went to a deep stretch yoga class so Saturday was awesome. Sunday felt short as I flew out that evening for Houston but it was still a really good weekend despite that.