Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1)  When we were in Saskatoon recently, we ate breakfast in the James Hotel, and also had a nice visit with my auntie Nancy and uncle Ken, who I hadn't seen in a long time.  The buffet is really good, and the selections change daily.

2)  I quite enjoyed this list of Truly Upsetting Vintage Recipes.  Who would eat these things!?

3)  Since we made a turkey on Saturday, we've been eating pretty much nothing but leftovers since.  Turkey sandwiches, turkey soup ...

4)  We are super excited to eat at Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs in Denver (very soon)!!  The menu looks pretty ridiculous.  And by ridiculous, I mean awesome.

5)  Our fridge, cupboards, pantry, and freezers are usually too full, and overflowing with stuff ... but not this month!  We've been on a mission to eat everything up and have been buying very few grocery items each week.  We do have some exciting new dishes we plan on creating in the next little while though, so I'm thinking the grocery hauls will start getting a little bit heavier in February.

6)  The Screaming Daisies are jamming in the basement at this very moment, and the sounds coming from down there are pretty fantastic.  I think they're doing some kind of free-form jazz odyssey, but it's totally distracting me from this post.  I hope they remember what they are jamming right now and turn it into their next song, because it's cooooool!

7)  Recent eats have included sweet and sour meatballs:

8)  And pizza from Dominos.  They had a pretty good sale on, so we only paid $13 for an extra large pizza. 

We loved that we could track the progress of our order online. 

9)  I am super excited that one of my all-time favourite books, The Giver, will be made into a movie in 2014!  We read this book in class when I was in grade 8, and I've read it about 10 times since then. 

10)  I really want to go to a movie soon.  We have a couple gift cards that are begging to be used.  If you've been to any movies recently, what do you recommend?

What are your Tuesday things?
How is your week going so far?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

My Tuesday was a little bit frustrating due to some things happening at work so I was happy to end the day, fit a really good workout in, and eat a leftover lasagna roll.

I haven't been to a movie in ages but would like to see Frozen (even though it's a kids movie) or Saving Mr. Banks!

culinary cool said...

Further to Lisa's movie comment: Frozen is such a good movie! Go see it!!