Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1)  On Monday I took my dad and Christopher out for dinner to one of my favourite restaurants, Swiss Chalet.  I get made fun of because of my love for this restaurant, but I don't care!  I love me that sauce!

2)  I have a hard time deciding what to take for lunch if we don't have leftovers.  Sometimes I rely on Costco's chicken cordon bleu, or their broccoli stuffed chicken, with rice or potatoes.  I cook it up the night before or in the morning ...

3)  I never thought I'd say this, but I'm lovin' the indoor golf!  We went on Sunday, and it was fun!

4)  My favourite juice is grapefruit juice.  We've been sipping this stuff:

5)  On Friday evening we're staying in and cooking a Chinese feast.  Tonight we chose the recipes:

6)  Breakfast this morning was egg in a hole, a summer-time favourite for me; too bad it's not summer:

7)  We have a trip to Denver coming up very soon, and I'm getting pretty excited!  The weather there looks much better than here.  I'm also excited to hit the slopes!  It's been too long.

8)  The other day we made homemade veggie pizza for an easy dinner:

9)  My case for my point & shoot camera broke a couple months ago. 

I finally replaced it today - yay!!

10)  Looking for Super Bowl snack ideas?  Check out this list!

What are your Tuesday things?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have never heard of Swiss Chalet! But those fries sure look awesome. :)

Tuesday was a busy day for me as I had a long day at work, rushed home to fit a work out in, then rushed to get on a video chat with a friend, which was a super fun way to end the day!