Thursday, January 30, 2014

We want Chilly Willy!!

When we make chili ...

It's usually a freezing cold day.

We soak a bean/lentil mixture overnight.

We don't follow a recipe, but we usually use onions, garlic, celery or mushrooms, hot peppers, ground beef, diced tomatoes, other tomato product we might have on hand, beans and a lot of spices.

If we have green onions, cheese, or sour cream, those find their way on top.

We find something to dip in it.  This is especially easy if we have some slightly overcooked cornbread left from the weekend.

Someone goes back for seconds.

Wouldn't you?

We eat until we're stuffed, and look into the pot hopeful for leftovers.

We breath a sigh of relief and smile - there are leftovers.

Then the late night wheels begin turning in Jolene's mind, and she starts thinking that chili cheese dogs would make a really good late night snack this weekend ... just sayin'.

Finish the sentence:  When I/we make chili ...


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

When I make chili, I like it spicy and thick, and I will sometimes eat it over rice because that's how I grew up eating it!

Mom on the Run said...

When I make chili, I double my recipe so I can have leftovers for the week! Chili is my favorite winter time lunch.