Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Meme

I saw this survey on Rebecca's blog and decided to play along ...

Where is your cell phone?  On the table in front of me. 

Your significant other?   Christopher - he is sitting beside me.

Your hair?  Just got it cut a couple weeks ago.  It's shoulder length and I love it!  Thanks Ronda!

Your mother?  Her birthday is on Saturday.  We just visited her last weekend, and we'll see her again around Christmas.

Your father?  Is 72 and still working full time and loving it.  He's got more energy than any 72 year old I've ever seen!

Your favourite thing?  Dancing, eating, food, cooking, blogging, music, Christopher, vacations, water slides, dinner parties, laughing, etc. etc.. Not necessarily in that order.  I have a lot of favourites. 

Your dream last night?  I've been having bad dreams the last couple of nights.  Last night I dreamed that Christopher and I lived in a condo and someone was trying to steal our cars from outside.  In the dream he sent me out to check - bahahaha!

Your favourite drink?  Water, wine, etc. etc..

Your dream/goal?  Live in NY for a year at some point.  Complete a doctorate degree. 

The room you are in?  The living room.  I blog from the couch.

Your fear?  Spiders. 

Where do you want to be in six years?  On vacation.

Where were you last night?  At home snacking, watching the Rider game and other TV.

What are you not?  Disorganized.

Muffins?  They are alright.  I like when the top is gooey.  I don't like them if they are even a little bit dry.  I never make them.  I miss my mom's muffins.

One of your wish list items?  Apricot coloured eyeshadow.  I still have some from The Body Shop that I got as a kid and I rarely use it because I don't want to use it up.  They discontinued it ages ago.

Where you grew up?  My parents ran a summer camp two hours north of Saskatoon.  It was a farm with many acres of land, a lake, pool, animals, etc..  Our house was there and it was a pretty sweet place to live.  We moved to Regina when I was eight.

The last thing you did?  Made two loaves of bread.

What are you wearing?  Black Lulu Lemon pants and a black Gap tee.  Lounging clothes.

Your TV?  Is not very big, but I don't care.  It is the perfect size for the room.  Christopher is watching Seinfeld at the moment.

Your pets?  No pets.  We both had pets growing up but do not want to get any in the future. 

Your computer?  Acer laptop.  My old one crashed a few months ago and so this one is new.

Your life?  The younger me would be jealous of the life I am living now.  I'm very happy.

Your mood?  Hungry.  Is that a mood?  It is now.  There is a chicken roasting in the oven - yum yum!

Your car?  Is awesome.  It's a Mitsubishi Lancer that I've had for about 9 years, and it's never broken down.  I will buy another when this one eventually dies.

Something you're not wearing?  Socks.

Favourite store?  I really like the little boutiques in NY for shopping for clothes, but other than that I love Chapters, Urban Barn, Crocus & Ivy, Anthropology, Shopper's Drug Mart ...

Your summer?  Was great as usual ... I don't work in the summer!  We went to Vegas too - that was fun!

Like someone?  Duh.

Your favourite colour?  Black.

When was the last time you laughed?  I pretty much laugh every moment when I'm at home. 

Last time you cried?  No idea.  Sometimes I start tearing up from laughing so hard (see previous question).

What is one thing on your to-do list?  Christmas shop!

Choose some (or all) of the questions above to answer in the comments!


Simply Life said...

I hope to be on vacation too in 6 years :)

Rosey Rebecca said...

Yay! Glad you filled one out, too!

Rosey Rebecca said...

By the way: you can add your link here:

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

My phone is sitting right next to me. I am wearing pajamas. I am not wearing sox. In 6 years, I hope I am living in Minneaoplis or Chicago.

This was fun to read!

Anonymous said...

My mood: I'm hungry too! It's just about snack time!

Unknown said...

I need to Christmas shop too, I just started my list today!

And you totally cracked me up with that picture at the top. ha ha ha!

Thanks for linking up!