Saturday, November 2, 2013

DoubleTree by Hilton: Hotel and Conference Centre

I've often been told I wear many hats; one of these hats is that of wedding planner and coordinator.  I actually became certified in this area years ago, but haven't done a lot with it due to the time commitments of my other "hats", and my love for leisure. 

Because of this background in working with venues, and my because of work and school, I have been to many conferences and conventions etc. in hotels, and I was really impressed with the convention centre at DoubleTree by Hilton.  We were toured around there on Tuesday evening, and I appreciated how welcomed we felt, and the little details that were unique and stood apart from other hotels I've visited.

I especially loved their "all-inclusive" concept, which would allow convention goers to eat, drink or snack at any time throughout the day, all as a part of the booking price.  The snack selections looked pretty incredible too:

I also loved the sleek look of their breakfast buffet area, and look forward to trying this out one day:

Finally we had a look at the kitchen and we were really impressed with the equipment, and the cooking techniques that will hopefully raise the caliber of dining in Regina.

Only one of these in the city ...
In that fancy contraption above, eggs can cook right in the carton, perfectly to order each time.  You can also cook anything else you want in there, and it will be perfect every time.
Sous vide for the most tender, juicy meat you've ever had

I now need to cross my fingers and hope I get the opportunity to attend a conference, convention, meeting, wedding or other event in this hotel!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Very cool! That egg cooking contraption is SO cool. I have never heard of something like that! Looks like a great place to host an event. I definitely did not know you were certified in event planning!