Wednesday, November 27, 2013


It's been a while since I've done a Currently post.  I saw this on Amber's blog recently, and decided to play along.

I’m Currently…

feeling like hibernating most daysI don't like the cold, and I'm looking forward to a cozy weekend inside sooner than later. 
writing not much since my thesis is done!  I'm still so happy about that. 

reading infrequently.  I have bookmarks in the middle of about four books, but can't seem to get around to finishing them. 

listening to the clock tick & the furnace run ... In terms of music, I listened to vinyls last night at our friends' place, and Snoop Dogg on the way to and from work today.

eating nothing.  Although last night Donny & Edith had us over for a winyl night (wine & vinyls), and pizza.  This evening I made potato soup with biscuits.


wishing for warm winter weather when we go to Denver this February. 

enjoying more sleep these days.  I've gotten into a routine of going to bed by 9:30 on week nights (occasionally even earlier)!  

drinking water.

learning ... I'm always learning something ... about myself, about life, in school, etc..  Never stop learning!
thinking about what to make for supper tomorrow.  I'm also thinking it's time for bed.

loving Lorde's disc, this chic's fashion, and that this scary, knife wielding fella protects me from bad guys and monsters:

What are you up to currently?  
Answer any or all in the comments below!!

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