Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This Week

1)  Just when you thought we might be done with the sandwiches ...

Hey, sandwiches are easy.

2)  And sometimes easy meals are in order:

Thank you Costco
3)  Breakfast this week:

4)  When you wake up to this:

And you have a klutzy morning that results in a broken glass, and spilled mayo (from two unrelated incidents) ...

And you're not feeling well, it's a Monday, and your head hurts, and you're cold ...

It's really nice to come home from work and see that groceries have been bought, dishes are done, and these are on the table:

And he didn't even know that my day had not been great. 

5)  I'm lovin' these Famous Brands with Honest Taglines, and this fun video.  Check 'em out.

How is your week going so far?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I had a really hectic week because I went to LA for work, was back in Charlotte for about 24 hours, and then went back to Minneapolis. It was a whirlwind week, but awesome because it included good food, friends, and time with family!