Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Things

1)  There are certain foods that I bite into and they bring me back to childhood.  One of those foods is a peach.  I grabbed this nice basket of little peaches the other day, and they are perfectly ripe.

Another food that brings me back is a carrot right from the garden.  I used to pluck one from the ground, simply brush off the dirt and take a bite.  Organic food at it's finest.  When I was a small child, my mom used to grow all of our vegetables, and my dad fed and raised animals for meat.  I miss being so close to the food that I eat.

2)  Last night we enjoyed spaghetti and turkey meatballs for dinner.  Spaghetti is definitely one of my favourite meals.

3)  I picked up three cheeses from the Bulk Cheese Warehouse, that I don't think I had ever tried before.  We've been snacking on them for the past couple of weeks, and really enjoy all three.


4)  It is Victoria day on Monday, which means it is a long weekend!  We're going on a little road trip to visit my mom, and also have sushi and karaoke plans with friends/family when we get home.

5)  Earlier this week I went out for lunch with a coworker to Flavours of India.  Their lunch buffet is top-notch.

6)  For dinner one evening this week we drove just out of town to a restaurant called The Ice House.  They are very well known for their homemade burgers.  I had the smallest one, the ice cube (although it is not very small, and Christopher still had to help me with it ... and the fries).

7)  A few people commented on my spider nest ninja skills.  Let me clarify.  I'm not as brave as you think.  There were no spiders in or around the nests, only cacoon-like little nests with what looked like microscopic eggs.  I used a stick to knock them down, and then stomped them and sprayed them with Raid.  I had a lot of spiders in my backyard last year, and I'm hoping that getting rid of all these little nests will prevent the spiders from choosing my yard to terrorize this year. 

8)  We had an easy dinner this evening - pita pizzas

What are your plans for the long weekend? 


Allysia said...

PEACHES! I'm really hoping to catch 'em in season here, because it should be right away and apparently it's a big crop in Texas. Also I'm with you on the carrots, absolutely nothing beats fresh garden carrots! And ahhh I miss karaoke (I assume you're talking about Sake), Michael and I are gonna need to have a party there when I'm home.

Also it makes me feel a little better hearing you clarify the spider thing, ha ha! I don't even care that Raid is full of creepy chemicals, we have a bottle of it by the couch because it's the cockroach weapon of choice (so says my roommate, I have yet to encounter one).

And our long weekend isn't until next week - hope you have a blast!

Kacy said...

Peaches remind me of my childhood too! Can't wait for fresh ones.
We don't have a long weekend til next weekend, but I'm still going to have a fun one I hope! Hope you do too!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

My parents had a garden when I was growing up, too, so we barely bought any produce at the grocery store. I miss those days! Garden-grown veggies are THE BEST.

Enjoy your long weekend! It's not a long one here in the US, but it will be next weekend. I'll be studying all weekend but it's my 2nd to last weekend of studying. Woot woot!

Emily said...

I want all of those cheeses!

Have a good weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

In season peaches are probably one of my favorite parts of summer!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any nice peaches yet, but had some cherries today. Spent the Victoria Day weekend in Regina, actually, visiting my sister and her family. Kept it very low-key - lots of sitting around relaxing :)