Friday, December 30, 2011

Eleven Fun Memories from 2011

2011 has been a very busy year full of highs and lows.  

We had some unhappy times, such as when our house got broken into, as well as when someone tried to steal my car from my work parking lot.  I had to give up on being Suzy Homemaker in order to manage full-time work and school.

We also had some awesome memories, and these are just eleven of them ...
We went vegan for a week!
Italian Dinner Party with Friends
We went back to NY for a week
We threw my Dad a surprise 70th Birthday Party
We had some new friends over for a wine and cheese party
I hosted my sister's bridal shower
Hubby's Half Ironman in Calgary - Great Weekend
Folk Festival
Best Camping Trip EVER
Three Awesome Weddings!
Trip to Vegas

Things are happening in my kitchen this evening.  I am prepping for the last day of 2011 ...

I have a feeling we will make even more good memories tomorrow, especially since we are having both breakfast and dinner with friends.

Tell me one (or more) of your favourite memories from 2011!


Simply Life said...

have a great new year's eve!

Anonymous said...

getting married was the best thing this year...hopefully for the rest of my life! jealous you are going back to nyc next year...Glenn only gets ONE day off a week (if that) now. :(

Amber said...

You did have a really great year overall! My best memories would definitely be getting engaged and all the traveling I did!

Allysia said...

Ahh, that sucks that your camera got stolen earlier this year. Despite being busy, you guys seemed to get a lot of trips and travel in this year, which is awesome! Happy 2012!

Ameena said...

Happy New Years my friend! Hope that 2012 is as fantastic as you deserve it to be.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

My best memories of 2011 are either memories made during my trip to Paris, or passing the CFA exam that I took in June!

Kacy said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT year. The standout memory for me was loading up my car and driving to my new home.