Tuesday, November 9, 2010

FoodBuzz Festival - Day 2 Part 2

On Saturday evening Eden, Astrid and I walked to the Ferry building for the Gala Dinner.  We switched from flip flops to heels when we arrived, and got our glam on as we sipped wine and tasted the hors d'oeuvres that were being passed around outside.  The hors d'oeuvres included:

- hoisin beef and scallion rolls
- zucchini and parmesan madeleines with cured salmon and lemon pepper creme
- herb polenta cups with chevre and vegetables
- potato crusted organic chicken croquette with truffled honey
- cheese gougere with gruyere fondue

I had at least 1 of each (some I had 2 of).

We were greeted inside by lovely decor, and tables full of glasses - I grinned knowing that each course would have its own wine pairing.

The first course was a golden beet tart topped with crimson beet, feta, currents, wild arugula and basil puree.  The ingredients were all local and fresh.  The arugula stood out in this dish, as it tasted like it was just picked minutes before landing on my plate.

As you can see above, I hated it.

Along with the wine pairings, each course was served with fresh, chewy bread.

The second course was seared scallops with champagne beurre blanc, served with braised fennel and garnished with fried fennel fonds.  There are really no perfect words for how good this dish was.  Best scallops I have ever encountered, hands down.  The fennel was married to the scallops in a harmony unmatched in my repertoire of taste memories.

The scallops were HUGE - each practically the size of a filet mignon
 The chefs were even so creative as to create tofu "scallops" for the vegetarians, that looked like exact replicas of the real thing.  Even their entree was a replica in tofu form.

The entree was rosemary and garlic infused loin of lamb with wild local mushrooms, pinot noir sauce and butternut squash puree.

Sophia and Mimi made me laugh during dinner.


Dessert was a tarta de almendras with oranges.

No detail was spared at this dinner.  Even the water was of exceptional quality.

By the end of this meal I was stuffed, happy and exhausted.  I headed back to the hotel and crashed.

What is the most formal meal you have ever had?  Where was it?  What did you eat? 


Soumya said...

wow...very tempting clicks....

Simply Life said...

oh all of this food looks incredible!

Kacy said...

Hmm, I've eaten a lot of formal meals. I really love them - it's always such good food!

Astrid said...

You took some amazing pictures, Jolene. It made me relive the entire dinner, which is definitely a great thing. The bread was especially fresh and chewy. Loved it.
The most fancy meal I have had was at a specialty restaurant in a cruise ship. I had an amazing piece of steak (I don't even like steak), chocolate souffle, and a cheese plate. I will never forget that meal. Ever.
I am glad your foot is finally starting to feel better. Next time better shoes!

Anonymous said...

formal meal...hmm...probably a fancy dinner when G and I go on vacations!! I'm so jealous!! But I would have probably gotten all drunk on the wine and made a fool of myself there!!! Can't wait for more recaps!

Kat said...

Im so jealous!! Im in cali too, I should have gone!! Theres a place on the beach that I have gone too that is SUPER fancy. And really expensive of course. The food is absolutely DIVINE though!!

The Fajdich Times said...

What a fun trip! Everything looks so good. Your pictures are making me hungry:)

Anonymous said...

The fanciest meal I've ever had was at the revolving restaurant at the top of the Calgary tower... I had salmon and it was ahhhhhhhmazing! I wish I could go out for formal meals all the time!

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said...

What an incredible night! I would say my most formal meal was in culinary school. I have been to nice places before, but nothing as fancy as the stuff we made in school.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a meal! The picture of the loin of lamb with mushrooms about did me in.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I had gougeres on Saturday night as well! My aunt made gluten free ones as the appetizer for our Julia Child meal. :)

The nicest meal I have ever had was probably in Paris. It was a very nice restauratn. That's the only meal that stands out in my mind, though!

Emily @ For Sweets Sake said...

The foodbuzz festival looks so great on everyone's blogs! Such a nice meal! I don't think I've ever eaten anywhere quite as nice as that.

sophia said...

I've not really had much formal meals in my life...maybe the 8-course banquet I had at a wedding, but then I didn't enjoy it much because at that time I was still freaking out abt food. When I get my first paycheck, however, I wanna treat my parents out to a very very very nice fine dining restaurant. :-)

Hee hee! I was so blessed to sit next to you! You make such a pleasant dining companion.

Amanda said...

Sophia and Mimi are hilarious huh? I love them both!

This was totally the most formal meal I've had in a long time!

lynn said...

the pic of sophia is hilarious at any angle!