Thursday, March 1, 2018

In Like a Lamb

March has always been a great month for us, and I love the new feelings that it brings, with hopes of warmer weather, and the anticipation of spring growth that is just around the corner.

Today I started looking back to see what we were up to in March of previous years ...

In 2013 we were in Mexico for our friends' wedding, and then took off to New Orleans for the first time, about a week later.  A fun memory from March of 2014 was a snacky evening we had.  The next year Christopher's parents were treating the family to a lovely dinner to celebrate our marriage.  The next March brought a trip back to NOLA, where we had one of the most interesting tasting menus we've ever had.  Last year we were cooking up food with a theme; we had an Irish weekend, as well as an Indian-themed weekend.

I am excited to see what this March has in store for us; it's already looking like it will shape up to be fun-filled and fantastic.  I just heard on the radio this morning that this February was the coldest we've had in 18 years.  Fortunately today was beautiful, and March officially came in like a lamb.

Speaking of lamb ...

Last night we made lamb meatballs, with an eggplant mash.

This meal was so good, and I was happy that there were leftovers for lunch today.  It's one we'll be repeating for sure!  You can find the recipe here.

We couldn't find a pomegranate in the store, so we had to omit that garnish, as well as the pine nuts, as I am allergic to them.  Although this dish isn't too visually appealing, the taste made up for that.

If you are unsure about lamb, or haven't cooked it before, I'd suggest starting with ground lamb.  These meatballs have an excellent flavour, and are really easy.  They call for a bunch of herbs, and if you're going to make them, I'd definitely use mint as one of the herbs.  We also used cilantro and basil (all fresh).  Everything paired together beautifully.

Another Food Network recipe we tried this week was shrimp pad Thai:

We've made pad Thai before, and it has been more labour intensive than this recipe is, yet this recipe was really good - another that we will make again #score!  It was perfect for a week night, because it took no time at all.

How is your week going?  What are you looking forward to this month?  Did March come in like a lion or lamb where you live? 


Amber said...

March came in like a lion for us - we had a HUGE snowstorm on March 1. Last year it came in like a lamb and was out like a lion so I would much prefer the reverse. Hopefully by the end of this month spring will finally be here!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Those meatballs sound like kofta. We had kofta bowls from a Mediterranean restaurant when we were in the hospital. It was sooo good!

March came in like a lion for us as Paul was born on March 1st! I actually don’t even know what the weather was like. Being in the hospital is weird. You have no idea what’s going on outside. We got a big snow storm the day we got discharged. Luckily we got home before the bad weather hit. We had a thunderstorm during the night before it started to snow so there is a nasty layer of ice under the snow. It should melt next week, though, as our weather is warming up. I’m so ready for spring!!!