Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sage in the Aria Hotel

Last year we went to Sage for dinner and were pretty blown away.  I also had what was probably the best thing I had ever eaten, beef tartare.  We had to go back to this restaurant this year to have it again.  We just ordered drinks and an appetizer each.

The bread with whipped butter and sea salt was as good as we remembered.  

The amouse bouche was lamb tartare.

Christopher ordered the charred sashimi of big eye tuna (with avocado puree, sugar kiss melon, pink peppercorn crust, and buttermilk pearls).

I ordered the Wagyu beef tartare (with crushed caper aioli, slow-poached egg, pickled mustard seeds and crispy chocolate).

The cheese plate on the dessert menu grabbed our attention, and we ordered that too.

I was warned to avoid the blue cheese since I am not a big fan, and this stuff is beyond potent.  Christopher compared it's hit-you-in-the-face effect to that of wasabi.  Yikes!  If you're interested in tasting the strongest blue cheese of your life, it's called Maytag blue cheese.

Do you like blue cheese?

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