Thursday, November 7, 2019

Ordering Groceries Online

We usually get our groceries on Friday evenings, but it didn't work out last Friday, so we planned to go on Sunday instead.  That morning, there was a fresh blanket of snow covering the ground, and it made us want to stay inside and hibernate; the last thing we wanted to do was go shopping.

We decided to try something new and order our groceries online, and then just go out to pick them up.  (Delivery wasn't available on Sunday, or we would have done that.) 

After a breakfast of fruit, cottage cheese, and potatoes, we took our coffees into the living room and started clicking away.

I was surprised by how easy it was!  We logged into our PC Optimum account, and most of what we buy was already there as suggestions for us, so it didn't take long to find the other items we needed and add them to our virtual cart.

You can select the brand, see prices, etc.  It took about four minutes to grocery shop and pay.  We chose a 1:00-2:00 pick up time.  At 12:30 we got a phone call from the store; three products weren't in stock, so they let us choose replacements if we wanted.  We arrived at the store for 1:00, called to say which spot we were in (there are reserved spots for grocery pick up), and a minute later we drove away with our supplies for the week.

They are particular about picking good produce, and we were impressed with what was chosen.  Our order was perfect - no complaints! 

We enjoy browsing the aisles, so this won't become a regular thing for us, but it was really nice on this chilly day.  It would be convenient to order online on the way home from a vacation, or if we had a jam-packed week.

Have you ever ordered your groceries online?
Who does the grocery shopping in your house, or do you go as a family?  Do you tend to buy the same products quite regularly?


Amber said...

I have been doing online grocery ordering through Save On for a few months now and I LOVE IT!!!! I actually went grocery shopping for the first time since I can remember on Friday because I wanted to go to No Frills and I hated it haha. I do still run into the grocery store when we need something small, but other than that I order big shops online for pick-up. The best!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

After Paul was born, we tried Instacart when I went back to work which is at service that delivers your groceries. There is a charge since someone is picking them out and driving them to your house. I thought they did a good job but Phil got annoyed when the twizzlers he ordered were out of stock and they substituted with a king size twizzlers. It was dried out and inedible (I think I had auto-selected to replace with closest replacement when something was out of stock). He also didn't like that we didn't get to use store coupons. I said - we either do this or you do the grocery shopping! He opted to do the grocery shopping. :) We have a system that works really well. We have a shared iPhone note that we can both add to. After the grocery add comes on Wednesday, we look at what is on sale and make meal plans and then he grocery shops on Saturday morning while I'm at swimming lessons with Phil. It is very very nice to share this task as I just felt like I didn't have the capacity to do it any longer!

Anonymous said...

I hope that all is well. I miss your blog.