Monday, November 18, 2019

Bread and a Dinner Out

I have made a couple giant loaves of no-knead seeded morning bread within the past week.

It uses spelt flour, which I don't always have on hand, but Bulk Barn to the rescue!  I love making all our bread and buns at home.  It's easy, I know what the ingredients are, and we feel great when we eat homemade food.

This bread is loaded with flax seeds and sunflower seeds.  It's probably not the best for sandwiches but is great for toast or dipping in something saucy.  We enjoyed it with chicken noodle soup last week, which Christopher made with a stock he simmered all last Sunday.  I also had it for breakfast all week, along with fruit.

Other happenings last week included a fun tasting evening at Willow Park, and also dinner with two of our faves, Mel and Steve 💙

They took us to Ginger Garlic for a belated birthday dinner, which was awesome, as this was one of the places we had been wanting to go; they also got us a gift card for another restaurant on our list - how thoughtful!  We're looking forward to trying Bar Willow very soon!

We ordered a bunch of dishes and shared everything.  It was all delicious, and the honey rice complemented everything really well.  My brother-in-law Steve wants a wheelbarrow full of this rice, haha!

We really need to get together with these two more often, as we always have fun together.  It helps that Christopher and his brother are so darn funny; Mel and I hit the lifetime-of-laughing jackpot marrying these brothers!

Our plans for Friday night got canceled, so we wrote hibernation weekend into the calendar.  More on that in the next post!

Do you make any type of bread or buns?  
What is your favourite kind of bread? 
(We don't have a favourite, as we are both carb-crazy, and need all the breads.)
How was your weekend?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, that bread looks so good! I do not make bread because GF bread is kind of disappointing. America's Test Kitchen has a great GF cookbook and there is a decent bread in there but it still doesn't compare to non-GF bread! We are going to make some homemade noodles for a GF chicken noodle soup I'm making for the day after Thanksgiving. They are the thick "homestyle" kind of noodles. My mom is going to be there to help and she is a baking pro so i am sure they will turn out great. Plus they seem relatively easy to make and require ingredients we have on hand.

Last weekend was really busy... especially Saturday as Paul and I had swimming in the morning, then Phil went to our new house for the delivery of the new guest bed and I stayed at our current house to meet the HVAC company that serviced our furnace. Then after Paul's nap we stopped by my MIL's house for a bit so she could see Paul and Phil could do a few things around her house and then we went to a get together at Phil's HS friend's house. It was WAY too much for one day but so it goes. Sunday was quieter but still busy as I packed up quite a bit and went to a holiday market and out to lunch with 2 girlfriends!