Sunday, November 10, 2019

Seven Local Restaurants We Want to Try

Our city is growing, and there seem to be new restaurants popping up all the time.  We don't often go out to eat in our own city, so it is hard for us to keep up with all the older places we still haven't been to, and all the new ones that friends have recommended.

Some older and newer restaurants we've got on our list to visit include:

1) Homestead Bar A Vin

We have heard nothing but good things about this restaurant.  It is not a place we ever drive by, so we didn't know about it until people started to ask us if we had been there yet.  Someone at work said that it was totally, "Jolene's kind of food".  After scoping out the menu, I know I want to try the bratwurst sausage with mustard, fermented veg, arugula, and cantaloupe.  The pomme gratin also sounds good!  I believe it is all smaller plates that are meant for sharing; I love eating that way!

2) Ginger Garlic

Both Christopher and I drove past this place on our way home from work one day, and it instantly caught our attention, simply because of the name.  Two of our favourite ingredients - it must be good!  With a rating of 4.9 on Google and high reviews on every other site, we're really excited to try this restaurant serving up Nepalese cuisine.  After a quick glance at the menu, I know Christopher will want to order the smoked eggplant bharta (and probably one of everything else too, haha)!

3) Luna

One Saturday morning we went to Breakfast Bistro, a restaurant in the east end that changes to Luna in the evening.  The breakfast was excellent, and we asked to see the dinner menu, which also sounded fantastic.  Luna is family owned and operated, and it has a Greek/Mediterranean influence.  The dinner menu is large, so it's sure to have something for everyone, from soups, salads, and burgers, to fish, lamb, ribs, and steaks.  This would be a perfect place for a nice evening out to celebrate something.

4) Bar Willow

Bar Willow was once Willow on Wascana, and we had been there before, however, it has been revamped as a small plate restaurant.  It's in a beautiful location in Wascana Park, and it's classy, perfect for a date night or a celebration.  The 2019 Holiday fixed-price menus are catching my eye, especially the wild boar meatballs with creamy polenta and almond crumble.  On the regular menu, my eyes are drawn to the duck wings and the ramen, among many other dishes.  Oooooh, and I am just seeing that they have a $10 brunch!

5) Fresh Carnival

I think we're probably the only people in town who haven't been to Fresh Carnival.  It's downtown, and it has all sorts of wild poutines, donuts, burgers, hotdogs, and milkshakes.  It's definitely a place to go when we're looking to indulge. I am a sucker for poutine, so I know we'll share one of those, and probably a fancy hotdog too.

6) The Cure

We stopped into The Cure in the summer, but we didn't order food.  The menu items sound delicious, so it's somewhere we definitely want to visit. I think I'd try the housemade fettuccine or the fish tacos.  They seem to keep their website up to date with events, which is great, as they often have live music and no cover charge.

7) Savory Food Trip

This is a restaurant we've been wanting to visit for about two years.  It's a Filipino restaurant and the food pictures we've seen look incredible!  I've glanced at the menu, but I don't know what many of the dishes are, so if anyone wants to toss some recommendations this way, that would be much appreciated.

Are there any restaurants you want to try in your city?
If you're from Regina, have you been to any of these places?  What do you recommend?  Anywhere else we should add to our list?


Anonymous said...

Ginger Garlic has excellent food. The Chicken MoMO and the Lamb Sekura were awesome.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

It's awesome that your city has so many diverse restaurants as I know it's not a really big city. There are so many restaurants in Minneapolis that I want to try. Phil is not a big fan of trying new places as he has his favorites and feels like nothing could beat them! So I tend to try new places with the ladies from my book club or my best friend (our husbands are both frugal so we tend to go to nicer places together since our guys just don't enjoy it enough to spend the $$). I'm excited to check out a few places by our new house. We'll have about 6 restaurants that are within 4 blocks of our house so hopefully we'll walk to dinner lots!