Sunday, November 3, 2019

Korean Food with Friends

On the weekend we had our good friends Matt and Alissa over for dinner.  They used to live in Korea, so we knew they'd be down for some dak galbi (like a Korean stir fry).

Christopher made the dak galbi, and I made dessert.  Dak galbi is usually served with crispy rice after, but we don't have the stone dish to do this (nor room for one), so instead of the rice, we carb it up with udon noodles.

Matt and Alissa came over with two Korean side dishes and perilla leaves.  They taught us to put the dak galbi in the leaves, wrap them, and eat.  It was so good!

We'll be eating dak galbi with the perilla leaves from now on.  The leaves have cooling properties, so they are perfect with the spicy dish

It's always so fun when we get together with Matt and Alissa; the conversation is interesting, and we have a lot of laughs. 

Dessert was cherry berries on a cloud:

At the end of the night, our friends walked home (one of the perks of living close), and we tried to watch a show but ended up falling asleep. 

How was your weekend?  What did you do?  
Do you like Korean food?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, that sounds delicious! So cool that your friends lived in Korea for awhile so are familiar with the cuisine. I love Korean food but it's hard to find GF Korean food so I rarely eat it. But when I know it's safe, I love it!

Our weekend was busy with moving stuff. I was in bed at 8 on Saturday night even though I knew we'd be gaining an hour of sleep. Paul was up at 5:45 (which felt like 6:45 with the time change) so I was glad I had gone to bed early since our day started very early!