Saturday, November 16, 2019

Celebrating my Father-in-Law's Birthday

My father-in-law turned 75 at the end of October (you'd never guess it if you met him), so last weekend Christopher picked his parents up, and we had them over for a belated celebration dinner.

When they arrived we had brie-stuffed mushrooms and pico de gallo with chips, while we caught up in the living room.

The main course was smoked pork shoulder with mustard sauce, borscht perogies, cabbage rolls, peas and corn, and bread.


Dessert was chocolate peanut butter banana cream pie.

I know not everyone is close with their in-laws, so I consider myself lucky that Christopher's parents are two of our closest friends.  We love spending time with them, and always have lots of laughs, and a lot to talk about.

We all enjoyed the leftovers for supper the next day.

Leftover meat and bread even made it into one of my breakfasts:

This weekend Christopher and I are hibernating, and just enjoying each other's company at home.  Weekends like this are the best part of the cold, winter months.

What are you up to this weekend?

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