Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Last Week's Meals

Last Sunday I made a pot of sausage and kale soup.  We had that for dinner and then packed the leftovers up for lunches.

I also made a pot of rice and roasted some mushrooms, zucchini, and eggplant.  This would go into the fridge, and then be used to make fried rice for my breakfasts for the week.  In the morning I just added oil to a pan, and once it was hot I tossed in a handful of rice and a few spoonfuls of the roasted veggies.

Then I cooked one egg on the other side and mixed that all together with gochujang sauce, and kimchi.

This non-traditional breakfast kept me satisfied until lunch.

Last Monday evening we made meatloaf, creamed corn, and broccoli mashed potatoes.

Tuesday's dinner was andouille sausage with peppers and onions, served over crispy polenta.

On Wednesday we made salmon with wild rice and a coconut curry sauce.

On Thursday we cleaned the house, then warmed up leftover sausage and polenta.  After going grocery shopping on Friday night we made an easy dinner of Lipton noodle soup, and egg salad sandwiches.

What have you been cooking lately?  
Do you ever make egg salad sandwiches?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That salmon looks really good. Phil is not a fan of salmon, otherwise I would make that. Maybe I can talk him into having it for a meal soon! The savory breakfasts look so good, too! Yum!

We have not done much cooking lately with all the craziness around listing our house. We heated up some stuffed peppers from Costco one night and I made chili in the instant pot another night. Tonight I'm making spaghetti since that's another easy meal and I'm trying to use up the marinara I canned last fall. Next week will be another week of easier meals like chicken wild rice soup and a skillet rice dish. Hopefully by December I'll be back to cooking more!

Even though I love eggs and hard boiled eggs, I hate egg salad sandwiches! I don't know why, though. seems like something I should love but I won't eat them!