Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Festive Weekend

This past weekend I did a LOT of baking.  Christopher was my lovely assistant, and he did a great job of stirring, gathering ingredients, etc.

He also whipped up a gorgeous breakfast on Saturday, while I was working on the Christmas goodies.

These yogurt parfaits had coconut quinoa, pomegranate, plain Greek yogurt, and cacao nibs.

I made the following:

- chocolate mountains
- oatmeal bars
- chewy caramel bars
- cinnamon roll ups
- buttertarts
- shortbread
- Nanimo squares
- chocolates
- peanut butter blossoms
- peanut butter marshmallow squares
- snack mix (Bugles, pretzels, Shreddies etc.)
- caramel corn
- gingerbread spice mixture

By late afternoon we were done in the kitchen, and got to work on decorating the house.  When that was done, we spent the evening relaxing with snacks.  We had chicken wings, and a cream cheesy dip:

On Sunday morning Christopher made another lovely breakfast:

Then later he made peppermint lattes, and we enjoyed those with snacks.

We spent the day relaxing and wrapping gifts

In the evening I made a pot of beef stew, which we had for lunch for the first few days this week.

A weekend at home was exactly what we needed, and it was just right.

Have you done any holiday baking?  Any plans for holiday baking?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Whoa - you did a ton of baking! I can't believe you got that done in an afternoon and still had time to decorate the house! You are a machine, lady!! I haven't done any holiday baking yet, but this weekend I will make GF sugar cookies for my annual cookie decorating party that I host for my college friends and their kids. And then 2 weekends later we will make GF peanut butter blossoms as part of our Christmas celebration. I haven't made them before but hopefully they turn out well!

Amber said...

Holy moly you did do A LOT of baking! It all looks so so amazing though. I did a big baking day with my mom before the baby came and we are doing some more baking next week for Christmas. We are going to be having 23 people over to our house for Christmas this year so want to ensure we have lots of baking set out!