Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Meals in a Pinch

Things are ramping up for both Christopher and I at work these days, and will continue to be very busy right up until the Christmas eve weekend.  To make meals quicker and easier this week, we roasted a turkey on Sunday.  Then on Monday evening we just made some mashed potatoes and veggies, and enjoyed a full turkey dinner with all the fixings.

The turkey lasted us for a few days for both our lunches and dinner, and since we had picked it up for about $10 a while back, it was a pretty economical week of eating.

It tasted great on salads too:

All the leftovers are gone now, so we needed lunches for tomorrow.  We always keep a box of the Costco stuffed chicken breasts on hand for a meal in a pinch.

We just turn the oven to 375 F, chop up a few potatoes, add oil, salt and pepper, and then throw them in the oven with the frozen chicken breasts for about 35-30 minutes.  Presto - lunches ready!

The fully-cooked, frozen meatballs are great for meals in a pinch too. 

Our Christmas shopping is almost done.  After a little trip to the mall last night, and a package arriving in the mail today, I think we're basically set.  Most of the gifts we bought this year were for kids, so it was fun to shop for them.  I'm also doing a secret Santa exchange at work, which is always a blast ... I'm the sneakiest ;-)

Do you keep any foods on hand specifically for meals in a pinch?  
Is this a busy time at work for you?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

This is actually a quiet time at work for me as our clients are financial advisors and a lot of them are taking vacation time or kind of sliding into the end of the year. I'm sure they are doing year-end reviews with clients but it seems like December is a quiet time for them to be placing trades. So some of my work days have crawled by!

We are super lazy when it comes to fast meals. Phil eats cereal and I eat eggs and toast or warm up a can of soup. I do want to start to freeze some meals for after the baby arrives so we'll have easy and healthy things to warm up. I also want to freeze some muffins and other snacks like that as I know I'll need easy snacks to sustain me during the day when I am busy caring for a new born!