Friday, December 29, 2017

Friday Musings

On boxing day we cooked up a small ham, and then ate that in many of our meals for the rest of the week, along with a few big salads.

This morning I had a yogurt bowl before heading out to brave the cold:

For lunch we made salad and a potato/mushroom mixture:

Christopher and I were both off all week, so we sort of lost track of what day it was.  We did quite a bit of relaxing - Christopher already read one of the books he got for Christmas, and is into the second one, and I got a few relaxation massages, a pedicure, and a new hairdo.  We're all refreshed, and ready for a getaway.  Also, the weather this week has been absolutely frigid, and we are so pumped for warmer temperatures.

Last night we met up with friends Bonnie and Warren for dinner at The Lobby.  Christopher had the tacos, and I had pad Thai.

Bonnie and Warren moved to BC, so this was the first time we saw them in about 1.5 years.  It was really nice to catch up, and hear all about their coffee shop adventures.  If you are ever in Parksville, BC, stop by their shop Mocha Grande Brew.

My 2017 recap and New Years post will be a little late, so I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

What do you have planned for New Years Eve?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

We had a very quiet NYE. I am still battling a chest cold so I did not even attempt to stay up until midnight! You guys definitely picked the right time to head south as the weather has been absolutely awful this week. I am sure it's even colder in Canada!