Friday, September 29, 2017

Scenes from Last Weekend

Before heading into the colder months, we like to have our freezer stocked full.  This past weekend were were really productive in the kitchen.  We started with a batch of perogies:

We did some with with potato, cheese, bacon, and onion:

As well as our invention, with potato, beet, dill, and goat cheese:

This won't last too long in our house, but it's a start.  If we make enough for dinner one evening, and want lunches the next day, that's two bags gone.

We also made one batch of cabbage rolls:

Some turkey stock:

Dinner buns:

These realllllly won't last long.  We only have 14 left in the freezer, as we've devoured 10 already.  Oh my!  I see another epic baking day in our future. 

Christopher made hot sauce:

While I made focaccia:

Lunch on Saturday was light and lovely.  We whipped up some lemon and rosemary ricotta, seasoned it with salt, and served it over crostini.

Dinner was salmon with Brussels sprouts:

On Sunday we made a big lasagna for dinner, and had enough for leftovers for a few days.


That only seems like a day or two ago that we were making all this food, and here we are at the weekend again.  This weekend is starting out with Christopher's band playing tonight; we're looking forward to heading out for the evening, and then hopefully sleeping in tomorrow.  We're both feeling tired lately, so we hope to get some lounging around in this weekend.

What are you up to this weekend?  
Do you stock your freezer for the fall/winter?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, all of this food looks amazing as usual. I need to make a pan of lasagna next month. I haven't made one in a long time! I love having it as leftovers!

My freezer is full of frozen pureed tomatillos as I am planning to make a huge batch of salsa verde in October or November. I've been roasting and pureeing tomatillos all summer so I am going to have a huge batch to can but I figure we can give it away as gifts to family and friends. Once I get that stuff out of my freezer then I want to start to think about meals to make for after we have the baby. I probably won't start making/freezing meals until January but I want to come up with a plan of what all to make!

Hope you had fun at Christopher's show last night and that you sleep nice and late today! I was awake at 6:15 and could not fall back asleep so I am starting my day by making a loaf of zucchini bread! The only plans I have this weekend is playing cards with another couple tonight and then a virtual baby shower on Sunday. I needed a low key weekend! I'm going to make an apple crisp to bring to card night - can't wait to eat that tonight as apple crisp is one of my favorite desserts!!!