Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Labour Day Long Weekend

My sweetie made breakfast each day of the long weekend.  He says it relaxes him and helps him start the day off right to make us a nice breakfast, and I really appreciate it.  They are always so delicious!

Scrambled eggs with bacon and potatoes one day:

The same with poached eggs the next day:

And a veggie/ bacon/ egg skillet on the holiday:

He makes weekend breakfasts, and I do the baking.  I whipped up a fruit pizza on Sunday, with an extra thick shortbread crust, as that's Christopher's favourite part.

We spent some time with friends on Saturday.  Two couples (and one little toddler) came over for an afternoon visit in the backyard.  Matt and Alissa brought some olive bread and cheese, and Fanta and Keith showed up with a homemade artisan loaf, and cupcakes.

Look how perfect our friend Keith's homemade bread turned out:

Lovely!  It was chewy, and soft, and everything that is good about artisan bread.  We dipped it in olive oil and vinegar, and devoured it in no time.

We also snacked on pico de gallo and chips, and ended up visiting into the evening.  It was lots of fun! 

On Monday Christopher helped his dad put together a shed, and my mother-in-law and I got to have a few hours of visiting time, while we supervised our guys.  We enjoyed a sandwich after the work was done.

Other eats on the weekend included a snack of crispy chicken wings:

BBQd ribs, zucchini slices, and potatoes:

And jerk chicken, corn salad, and Caribbean coconut rice with beans:

The jerk chicken dinner was definitely the meal highlight of the weekend.  We'll be making it again very soon.

How was your weekend?  What did you do?
Did you have all three days off?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, that jerk chicken meal looks and sounds so good. We love jerk chicken! I need to make some soon. The bread that your friend made looks so delicious! There is nothing like homemade bread. I wish GF bread could turn out that way, but the lack of gluten makes GF bread pretty dense.

We had an awesome long weekend. I spent a lot of time reading and relaxing and also spent a good chunk of time in the kitchen!