Sunday, October 1, 2017

Husband's Guest Post!!! The Other Half

Hello fans. Whether you're a long time reader or just stopping by for the first time, you've found the Everyday Foodie house. Good for you. This weekend was a particularly delicious one around here, and the pictures and musings that are to follow are a bit different, a bit more burly, and a bit more manly. It's time to eat. It's time to blog. It's time for the other half.

We knocked out some cleaning on Thursday evening so that we could kick it at home just about all weekend. Friday, after we got home from getting supplies, we baked a salmon fillet and had a couscous salad with veggies and feta.

My band was playing Friday night and we totally crushed our set. I always wanted to shred bass guitar, and over the past couple of years I got out from behind the drum kit and have been making it a reality. We were out way later than usual for a Friday night, but we had fun. After sleeping in a while on Saturday I made one of my signature breakfasts.


Extra crispy bacon for the lady of the house, along with potatoes fried in duck fat, and scrambled eggs with fresh parsley and thyme. I like easing into my weekends by cooking a nice leisurely breakfast for the two of us. On weekdays I usually start my day with a small portion of fruit, which is what we had on Sunday, along with a killer coffee cake that Jolene made.


We decided to make a few Indian dishes on Saturday night, because it is one of our favourite cuisines to eat and to make. We made these cilantro squares:

They are one of the strangest recipes in our repertoire, but also one of the tastiest.

We also tried pork tenderloin in almond sauce:

The almond sauce was #awesomesauce.

A while back my pal Draper had us over for dinner, and blew our heads off with his dynamite jerk chicken. It was easily the best jerk we've ever had, and top three of the best chicken dishes I've ever had anywhere. I was lucky enough to get the recipe from him, and on Sunday evening I made it for the second time.

The jerk marinade has some intense heat, so we made a cooling cucumber raita on the side, along with potatoes in foil. There is something so satisfying about very simple potatoes. These have butter infused olive oil, fresh thyme, salt and pepper. Easy and delicious.

The Autumn weather and leaves all over the ground made it an ideal weekend to just chill at home and enjoy our family of two.

I have always been somewhat of a homebody, but the older I get the less I want to go anywhere or see anyone. The food and the company is always best at home, in my opinion. Winter in Saskatchewan has some of the coldest weather you will find on earth, but the harsh, frigid weather is a great excuse not to leave the house - perfect for a guy like me.

This was fun; we should do it again sometime.

Are you a homebody or do you prefer a night on the town? Have you ever had jerk chicken? Do you play a musical instrument?


Unknown said...

Love this! You two are so very sweet together. Stay blessed!

Anonymous said...

Quite the epic food post, yummy!

I am definitely a homebody, too. I also like winter because it gives us a chance to hibernate indoors and enjoy a slower pace of life. But, I'm always super, happy by the time spring rolls around.

I have never had jerk chicken, crazy right? But, I plan on having some on Wednesday. Last week my friend introduced me to a Caribbean Hole in the Wall restaurant and we had some beef patties and will return for Jerk Chicken on Wednesday.

And, I play the flute, I started in junior high school.

You and Jolene are living my dream life, eating and living carefree. Keep up the good work on the blog, I love this blog so much!!!

Keith said...

Great feature post Chris!! And I met your jerk chicken friend at the Chiropractor the other day. I'm looking forward to trying that jerk chicken one day!!

Dione N said...

Nice to read a blog post from you Christopher! Your food over the weekend looks amazing. I am definitely a homebody and hate staying up late unless I am being paid to (when I am on evenings or nights). I can't even go to evening movies cause I fall asleep!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Hi Christopher! I'm a long time reader and big fan of your wife (Hi Jolene!!). It was fun to read a blog from your perspective. You two definitely have something special!!

I am definitely more of a home body but I am also terrible at saying no to social obligations. So I end up being out and about more than I would really like to be. I'm working on getting better about not over-committing. My husband and I are expecting our first child in March, though, so I think that will help me learn to hibernate more and say no more!

Are those cilantro squares from the India cook book that Jolene recommended in the past? I bought it upon her recommendation and loved the 3 recipes we made from it. I love cilantro so would love to make those cilantro squares!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Thanks for the nice comments everyone!

Hi Lisa, I read your comments on Jolene's blog all the time, so I feel like I know you already. Jolene tells me what you are up to too when she is reading your posts. The cilantro squares are from that book, and they are on page 79. They use chickpea flour, so they should be gluten free. Everything we've made from that book has been a home run!

- Christopher

Amber said...

Hi Christopher! Fun post! I say this to Jolene all the time and I have to say it to you too - I am always SO IMPRESSED by all the amazing cooking you guys do on a regular basis. It always looks so amazing.

Have you guys ever talked about opening a restaurant??