Thursday, July 6, 2017

Things will be Great when you're Downtown

Yesterday morning and evening were both spent downtown.  I headed to the mall and farmers' market around 9:00 a.m. 

I used some gift cards for music, tea, and makeup, and then picked up these veggies from one of the market stands:

I was home to serve up homemade clam chowder and buns to my sweetheart for lunch.

In the afternoon I ran errands, picking up some camping necessities, and getting a start on a couple of our nieces' birthday gifts.

Later on in the afternoon I made a batch of oatmeal bars.

Yesterday evening we headed downtown to meet up with two other couples (Matt & Alissa, and Fanta & Keith) for dinner at Malt City.  This was our first time eating at this restaurant, and we were very impressed.

Fanta and Keith shared their most amazing engagement story (Keith whisked her off on a completely surprise trip to Paris, where he popped the question in front of the Eiffel Tower, while a photographer, who he hired in advance, captured it all on camera).  It's a long and incredible story, and truly something out of a fairy tale.  Keith thought of everrrrrrrything! 

Our good pals Matt and Alissa had us all laughing a lot (as usual), and between the engagement story, and laughs, I'm surprised we even got around to ordering food.

Christopher and I shared the tuna tartare to start:

It was perfect.  We considered just ordering another round of it as our meal, but the mains sounded very tempting, so we went with something else.

Alissa and I both had the special, which was a pork noodle bowl.

Matt and Christopher both ordered the marrow burger.

The burger was rich, and so delicious.  We'd order it again.

The noodle bowl was excellent, and I liked it so much that I stopped myself from eating it all so I could have some for lunch today, as I knew how much I'd look forward to warming it up later ... but then I ended up forgetting my leftover container on the table when I left *tear*.   I was super sad about it when I got home and realized I was leftover-less.

Anyway, we very rarely go out during the week, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Breakfast this morning was avocado toast and egg in a hole.

I'm now anxiously waiting for Christopher to come home for lunch.  We're having leftovers of the clam chowder and shrimp curry from this week ... unfortunately not the leftovers from last night's dinner

How is your week going? 

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That pork noodle bowl looks sooooo good! Yum!! How sad that you forgot your leftovers, though. I am so bad about doing that.

That is an epic engagement story! Wow!

My week has been good. It's been a weird week with us working Monday, having Tuesday off and then going back to work on Wednesday. We have a busy weekend ahead of us and next week is busy, too, so I am making the following Sunday a shouldless day as I really need a day with no commitments!