Saturday, July 8, 2017

Sunny Summer Days

This week was absolutely beautiful, and I made sure to get out and enjoy it.  We're very lucky to have a park/lake that is a one minute walk from our house, so I went on a long walk this week, and admired the beauty that is just steps away from our front door.

I need to put air in my bike tires one of these days, and then bike the trail that goes around the lake ... or meet up with a friend for a long walk and visit (mat. leave friends, I'm looking your way)!

I got up early all week, and enjoyed the quiet with breakfast and coffee.

I sat outside in the afternoons a bit and did some reading, while sipping on iced coffee/ tea.

All week I had lunch ready for Christopher when he came home.  Yesterday we had perogies, sausage, and cabbage rolls:

It's a big lunch, but often lunch is our largest meal of the day.

Last night we were at our friends Jessie and Chris' place for a little going-away gathering.  They're moving to BC, and we're sad to see them go, but happy for them and their new adventure.  It was just last summer I was saying goodbye to our other friends, Bonnie and Warren, who left for BC.  They seem to be having a blast, and opened up a very successful coffee shop in Parksville.  If anyone reading is ever in Parksville, stop in to Mocha Grande Brew for a coffee, icecream, cruffin, etc. 

We're heading out on a camping trip soon, so you likely won't hear from me until we're back.  We loaded up on groceries yesterday, and are running other camping-related errands today.

Cheeeeeeeeetos!  (totally a camping treat for us ... we'd never buy them for at home, but when camping we buy alllllll the snacks).

But, before we head out of the house for the day we had to fuel up:

Eggs, potatoes, and sparkling grape juice should do the trick.

Once you hear from me again, I'll have a new nephew too!  He is already eight days overdue, and we're ready to meet him (his parents are more than ready).

Are you doing any camping this summer?  How was your week?  What are you up to this weekend? 


Amber said...

Wow so nice that lake is SO close to your house - what a treat!

Have a great time camping! I love going camping in the summer.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Your lunch (the pierogies, sausage and cabbage roll) remind me of our rehearsal dinner! We went back there recently and shared a combination plate with those items + sauerkraut. It was so good and the combo plate is $18 and has enough food to fill us both up so it's a cheap date night.

We are taking our first camping trip in August. We registered for some camping stuff for our wedding and can't wait to use it. We are going with another friend that is a veteran camper. We are total newbies so it will be nice to have someone who knows the ropes! We are camping in Northern MN at a state park off the Superior Hiking Trail which is this beautiful trail that goes along Lake Superior. Should be a super fun weekend - plus it's phil's birthday weekend!