Friday, July 21, 2017

Sandwiches and other Eats

On a warm evening this week we ate dinner outside.  We made sandwiches on French bread, with cheese, bacon, red onion, tomato, kale that we grew, mustard, and horseradish mayo.

Couscous salad and pickles on the side, and watermelon for dessert.

Christopher loves sandwiches, so I made some again today.  When he came home for lunch we had Montreal smoked meat sandwiches on rye bread, with mustard and sauerkraut. 

For breakfast yesterday I made a mushroom, green onion, and cheese omelet.  Bacon and Saskatoon berries rounded out the plate.

This morning I made a breakfast skillet, with roasted veggies (potato, yellow zucchini, red onion), bacon, cheese, arugula, and egg.  As you can see I put loads of pepper on the egg - mmm!

I had coffee, juice, and a bit of berries too.  This breakfast kept me fueled up for a long walk around the lake this morning. 

We tried something new for dinner last night, having a grilled veggie salad.  We threw all the veggies, except the spinach/arugula mixture, on the BBQ, along with chicken breasts.  Once everything was cooked, we assembled the salad, and drizzled it with a very simple, light dressing (sesame ginger balsamic mixed with olive oil).

Have you made any sandwiches lately?  Any fun weekend plans?  Have you had a grilled salad (either like the one above, or perhaps grilled romaine leaves for a caesar salad)?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have had some sandwiches lately as I got kind of burned out on eating salads after eating them for lunch for months on end! I love my sandwiches with spicy dijon mustard, pickles, meat and cheese. I'm alllll about the spicy mustard. Your sandwiches look so good - especially the bread! My GF bread is definitely very sub-par as GF bread is just not as good as normal bread unless you bake it yourself and that's a bit too much work for me!

We had a fun weekend up at my parents lake home. Phil's mom came with us as my parents have been wanting to host her for a weekend. I think she enjoyed getting away for a weekend and having lots of social interaction as she gets pretty lonely living alone. I'm at work for 2 days and then head back to the cabin on Wednesday morning through Saturday. My Chicago brother and his family are up there so I'm going up there to spend some extra time with my niece and nephew who are 10 and almost 6 - such fun ages!