Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Hello Sunshine

Friday was my last day of work for a while, and we ended the day with a fabulous dinner.  We had bacon-wrapped scallops:

Olive bread with oil and vinegar:

And crab legs with golden beets:

On Saturday we had our busy Canada day.  If you missed that post, click here to see how we celebrated the day.

On Sunday morning Christopher made breakfast and then we got to work on some adult responsibilities.

I ironed, and Christopher re-filled a couple little foundation cracks.  Since our house is old, and our city was built on a swamp, a few minor cracks are inevitable.  They needed a refresher, so he chiseled away the old stuff, and re-filled them.  We were done our chores and yard work in no time, and were kicking back with blended bevvies in the yard by the early afternoon.  Nothing but relaxing for the rest of the long weekend ...

For lunch we shared a Montreal smoked meat poutine, with homemade fries, cheese-curds, and buckets of pepper gravy.

Dinner was just smoked salmon with paratha and cream cheese.

Monday was a holiday (in lieu of Canada day), so we were both home, and spent pretty much the entire day in the backyard.  After scrambled eggs, bacon, and duck-fat fried potatoes, we parked ourselves on the patio furniture and turned up the tunes.

Lunch was snacky:

For dinner we had salad, with BBQd honey garlic chicken thighs, and portobello mushrooms.

It was nice to get up this morning and have nowhere to be.  I had a yogurt bowl with watermelon, pineapple, granola, PB, and cacao nibs for breakfast, while watching the first episode of Big Brother, that I had PVRd.

I whipped up a few trays of lime cookies:

And made pita pizzas for when Christopher came home at lunch:

After lunch I hit the spa for a pedicure, and long massage - ahhhhhh.

This evening we had a veggie/noodle curry for dinner, and then went out to the theatre to see Beauty and the Beast.

The forecast says that rest of this week, and the weekend ahead are to be as sunny as the tropical smoothies I was enjoying last week.

I'm looking forward to enjoying every bit of the sunshine.

How was your weekend?  Is the weather gorgeous where you are too?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Hooray for being on summer break! Sounds like it's off to a great start! The weather wasn't great when we were at the lake this weekend. Since it wasn't a nice day on Sunday, we headed back in the early afternoon. It was much nicer in Minneapolis, so I went to my garden to put some grass clippings around my tomatoes and then came back and pulled a bunch of weeds that were growing in the cracks of our driveway. Phil does most of the yard maintenance but I tend to handle things like pulling weeds as it bothers me more than it bothers Phil! It was a nice nice to be outside weeding, though! We worked Monday and then Phil spent most of the 4th at his mom's doing his weekly chores and I joined them in the evening. The weather is supposed to be wonderful here this week, too. I'm going to an outdoor concert festival on Friday so am glad it's going to be nice!!