Thursday, July 27, 2017

Breakfast, Pesto, Pavlova etc.

Morning!  All of July I've been getting up at 7:00 a.m., and  I usually start making breakfast at 7:30.

A 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt with toppings, and one piece of rye toast with almond butter, cacao, and coconut, is perfect for fueling my daily walk around the lake.

Or just a yogurt bowl:

Or the oatmeal that I had today:


While walking this month I've listened to my first podcasts ever!  I'm still not really familiar with podcasts, so I've just been jumping around a bit trying to find something that I like, but they definitely make an hour walk go by fast!  I've been searching on YouTube for them. 

Other eats in the past few days have included chicken with a jalapeno cream sauce, and a grilled potato/ zucchini/ mushroom mixture.

Also salmon with a cilantro sauce, and couscous.

I made this nut-free cilantro pesto (I am allergic to pine nuts), and thought it was super bland.  I don't think it's the recipe, rather I just don't think I am a pesto fan.  In general pesto tastes like gritty oil to me (or oily herbs), and I've never had a pesto that had enough flavour for me.  After tasting the pesto a few times, I knew exactly what it needed - vinegar.  I dashed in some white vinegar and a bit of salt, tasted it, and then put in a bit more vinegar and blended it again.  It was perfect.  I suppose it's no longer pesto with the addition of vinegar ... anyway, it was delicious.

With this sauce we ate 1.5 bunches of cilantro in one sitting! (All the cilantro haters are totally cringing at that - haha!)

On Tuesday I made a pavlova for the first time.  I followed this recipe for the pavlova itself, but not for the toppings, as I figured the pavlova was sweet enough and the cream and berries didn't need to be messed with.

Before going into the oven:


I topped it with unsweetened whipped cream, fresh fruit and chocolate shavings:

Yum!  Pavlova is a beautiful, light dessert.

Christopher made short work of this; there is only once slice left!

Have you ever had pavlova?  Have you made it?  Do you like pesto?  

Also, if you have any recommendations for podcasts you think I might like, I'd love to hear them!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have never had pavlova but it looks beautiful and I like that it's a light dessert!

I do like pesto but the version I make doesn't have pine nuts in it. I just use basil, parmesan, a little bit of olive oil, garlic & s&p. So it's pretty basic/easy. I used to grow basil so would make batches of it in the summer and freeze it. But we have so many squirrels and rabbits in our yard and they eat the basil so I can't grow it anymore. Womp womp.

Yea for checking out podcasts! I love podcasts. That's pretty much all I listen to while driving, walking, etc. I listen to a lot of reading ones. I would maybe check out season 2 of Invisibilia. I think you might like that podcast. They have done 3 seasons but season 2 was definitely the best by far!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Thank you for the recommendation - I'll check it out!