Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday Things

1)  It was beautiful this week ... like +18 ish ... but then I woke up this morning and looked out the window, and saw ...

2)  Tonight we're going out to see Hawksley Workman's one-man show, The God that Comes.  We are pretty excited!  It will be a great way to kick off our holidays!  I've seen Hawksley Workman perform before, and was blown away.

3)  We didn't buy groceries this week, as we were trying to clear out the fridge, and use everything up that could go bad.  A couple of our meals included mac and cheese with leftover fried chicken:

And a casserole:

4)  Our bags are packed for New York, and we're checked-in!  We could not be more pumped for this trip!

5)  This will be at least the sixth Easter in a row that I haven't been in town for Easter, and done the whole turkey (or ham, or lamb) dinner thing.  We don't have dinner reservations yet for Easter, but I'm excited to see where we end up!

What do you have planned for Easter?
How has your week been?
Are you off tomorrow?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

we've had some beautiful weather, too, and now it's going to get cold again. BOOOO! This week has gone by pretty fast as I've had something going on every night of the week. I am off tomorrow and Phil has it off to so I'm looking forward to spending the day together.

Have so much fun on your vacation!!!! I can't wait to read all about it!!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun in New York! I'm so glad that the snow we got has now mostly disappeared. It's looking like the weather is going to warm up again this week. :)

We're going to Moxie's for brunch. For supper, I'm making tacos. It's my son's birthday tomorrow, so I'm making what he requested. I like ham, just not all the work and dishes that go along with a big Easter dinner. I was aiming for easy and simple, and I think I'm achieving it.