Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Le Bernadin - 3 Michelin Stars

While in New York we made sure to dine at a restaurant that was awarded three Michelin Stars (the highest number available).  After seeing The Hundred-Foot Journey, in which the owner of a restaurant in the movie is striving to gain her second Michelin Star, we really wanted to dine in a restaurant with the highest accolade we could find.  Le Bernadin was one of very few restaurants in New York to hold three Michelin Stars not only in 2014, but again in 2015.

It has also held four stars from the New York Times for the longest period of time of any restaurant, and was rated 15th best restaurant in the world in Restaurant magazine.

The service was impeccable.  To start, the servers brought us a salmon spread, and a choice of numerous house made breads.

We had two appetizers, the salmon tartare, and the octopus.

Both were incredible.

Christopher had the snapper as his main course, and I had lobster.

The main dishes were perfectly cooked, however they needed a vegetable or something with them, and there was no option to order sides.

We had hazelnut praline and black walnut as our desserts.

The servers also brought us a taste of another dessert.

We're looking forward to our next Michelin dining experience.  This one was really fun!

Is there a restaurant on your bucket list?  What is it?
(Some we hope to visit include Momofuko Ko in NYC, and Sukiyabishi Jiro in Tokyo ... and after we do more research, we'll have more on this list)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, that all looks so awesome! I have never been to a Michelin-rated restaurant - maybe some day! I don't even really have a bucket list for restaurants... I would like to go to another restaurant owned by Tom Colicchio, though, as I loved Colicchio and Sons!

Nicole | Culinary Cool said...

Wow, the presentation of those dishes! They look fantastic. I would love to try a Michelin rated restaurant, but Scott on the other hand....his palate isn't quite refined enough ;)

Anonymous said...

I am so not a foodie, so no food-related bucket list for me. Your meal looks pretty amazing, though!